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The number of driving lessons you need can vary based on your previous driving experience and how quickly you learn and develop confidence in your driving skills. In Queensland, the Department of Transport and Main Roads allows a multiple of 3 hours for every one hour driving lesson, up to a maximum of 30 logbook hours (100 hours of driving experience, including 10 hours of night driving is required before you can take your test). At AAA School of Motoring, we tailor our lessons to your individual needs to ensure you’re fully prepared and confident for your test.

The length of the lesson that works best can vary greatly between individuals. Some students find that a 1-hour lesson is enough to absorb new information and practice without feeling overwhelmed. Others might prefer a 2-hour lesson to delve deeper into certain techniques or to have more continuous practice time on the road. At AAA School of Motoring, we are flexible and can adapt to what suits you best. We suggest starting with a 1-hour lesson and then, based on your comfort and learning speed, you can decide whether to extend it to 2 hours.

AAA School of Motoring provides driving lessons in Gatton, Blacksoil, and the surrounding areas, including Coominya, Lowood, Rosewood, Forest Hill, Walloon, Laidley, and Ipswich.

You will be learning in a modern, late model vehicle equipped with air conditioning for your comfort and dual controls for maximum safety.

All of our instructors are fully accredited with the Queensland Transport Department, hold a Cert. IV Transport and Logistics (road transport – Car Driving Instruction), and are permitted to work with young students (Blue Card).

Safety is our top priority. Our instructors have impeccable driving records, and we maintain comprehensive insurance cover. Our training vehicle is fitted with dual controls to ensure maximum safety.

 We are committed to making driving lessons as convenient as possible, offering flexible pick-up and drop-off points, whether that’s at work, school, or home.

We believe in a supportive learning environment. Our instructors show enthusiasm for their work and for the student’s efforts. With encouragement, practical training skills, and excellent communication, we aim to make learning an enjoyable process.

Yes, we place a strong emphasis on teaching defensive driving skills. Our instructors are current with defensive driving techniques to ensure our students can handle a variety of road situations safely.

Absolutely, we offer comprehensive instruction tailored to help our students succeed on their driving test. Our instructors will provide you with tips and tricks to navigate the test confidently.

Booking lessons with us is simple. You can get in touch with us via our website and book and pay for your lessons in real-time, or call us directly to schedule your driving lessons.

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