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AAA School of Motoring is dedicated to providing high-quality, value-for-money driving instruction that promotes safety, confidence, and the skills necessary for life on the road. We seek to empower our students by creating a supportive learning environment, fostering the development of safe driving habits, and equipping each learner with the comprehensive knowledge they need to be responsible drivers.


Senior Instructor


About us

We’re Ash & Chris and this is our local small family run business

AAA was founded in 2010 by Janette (Ashleigh’s Grandma) after helping Ash with her logbook hours and rekindling her love for teaching to drive. Janette taught in the UK for over 15 years and after moving to Australia and learning of the huge gap for instructors in the Lockyer Valley, AAA School of Motoring was born. Janettes passion for safe driving started the company and still flows through the veins as this was the main reason Ash and Chris decided to take over the company in 2016. After realising the continued gap in the market and seeing first hand what unsafe driving can do to the community, it became Ash and Chris’s mission to try to make it better, share their knowledge and teach in a calm, relatable and relaxing fashion. 

Ashleigh Chidlow

Owner and Instructor


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